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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the suggested way to take liquid herbal extracts?
    Always shake the bottle, squeeze once to fill bulb, drop, and drink! Always make sure to read and follow the use instructions on each bottle. We recommend adding the suggests amount to 2 ounces of water or juice. Extracts are generally best taken between meals for better absorption. Although some are suggested to be taken with food. Always read each label!
  • How long before/after eating should I take liquid herbal extracts?
    Liquid herbal extracts are best taken up to 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating (unless otherwise directed on the label).
  • What does "full dropper" mean?
    One full squeeze of the dropper means to squeeze the rubber bulb one time that is on the cap. With the glass pipette in the liquid in the bottle, squeeze and release the bulb once. This is 1 mL. Each label will have its suggested use in mL and number of full droppers.
  • Do I need to follow the suggested serving size?
    We recommend always following the suggested use on each bottle's label. It is never suggested to exceed as some herbs have side effects from overuse.
  • What does “not for long term use” mean?
    Please see the individual product label for specific use instructions and cautions. For products marked “Not for long term use,” take a 1-2 weeks off every 6-8 weeks.
  • Where should I keep my HerbalScript liquid herbal extracts?
    Our products are self-preserving, so they don’t need to go in the fridge. Store them at room temperature year-round. Keep them away from direct light and heat sources.
  • Can I give my HerbalScript products to my pets?
    Our products are only intended for use on humans, not our pets! Please ask your vet for recommendations for herbal pet products.
  • When I drop my liquid herbal extract into water its cloudy looking. Is it still safe to use?
    Yes. Some herbs don’t mix well with water or other liquids and tend to get cloudy. This can happen sometimes with herbs like Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Yerba Santa, and Elecampane. If any herbal products leave a stained ring in your glass, clean it with rubbing alcohol and rinse well.
  • What exactly is a liquid herbal extract?
    Liquid herbal extracts are considered a type of herbal supplement that use a liquid extraction solvent (also called a menstruum) to extract medicinal components from herbs. Our herbal extracts are alcohol based. Vinegar based products are to come! Before adding herbs to the alcohol, they are ground to extract more goodness! After the extraction process is complete, the herbs get pressed filtered out. The remaining liquid gets bottled on its own or with other extracts.
  • How do herbs work? How will they work for me?
    Herbs work in harmony with your body. They are considered to have active components due to their secondary phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are usually made by the plant as defense chemicals. The primary chemicals are used as macronutrients by the plant and our food, when we ingest it. Herbs can affect every person differently. Some herbs can actually do the opposite of what it is expected, depending on the individual taking it. Always monitor and listen to your body when taking herbal supplements of any kind. No side effects are expected or typical with any of our liquid herbal extracts. All of our products carry cautions printed on the product label where appropriate.
  • Are your products safe? Can I take this product with my medication? How do you determine which cautions to list on your labels?
    We believe in herbalism, backed by science. We consider our serving sizes, as found on the label, to be safe. The plants in our products have a high safety profile when used appropriately. As always, we recommend following the Suggested Use on the label and not exceeding that amount. If there is no drug interaction listed on the label, then to the best of our knowledge there is not adequate support for a potential interaction caution. However, we always recommend that you speak with your physician about any supplements that you want to take. We use The Modern Herbal Dispensary: A Medicine Making Guide as our safety reference.
  • Can I use your products while pregnant or nursing?
    All our herbal liquid extractions at this time are extracted with alcohol being the solvent. Therefore, we do not suggest any individual that is pregnant or breastfeeding to take our products. As always, please reach out to your healthcare provider with any additional questions about mixing herbal medicine with your standard healthcare.
  • Are your liquid herbal extractions safe for use in children?
    At this time, they are not. Our herbal extractions are made with alcohol as the solvent. It is not suggested to share your herbal extractions with children.
  • Where do the herbs used in your products come from?
    Our herbs are bought from highly esteemed wholesalers Frontier Herbs and Mountain Rose Herbs. However, our American Ginseng, Elderflower, and Elderberries are wild harvested from the Catskills, New York.
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