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We are excited to bring you a subscription box filled with herbal tinctures, tea blends, bath products, elixirs, CBD, and much more!

Each month you’ll receive products to add to your health regimen toward a whole-body recovery.

HerbalScript tinctures & tea blends are developed to assist you on your recovery path.


Our products are used alongside mental health, medications, psychotherapy, and MAT (medication assisted treatment) to support and encourage you to reach your long-term recovery goals.


Recovery can be a vulnerable time for your mind and body.

Our handmade products support the nervous system to reduce tension stress on the body that can cause physical pain, helping your system return to a balanced state.


The HerbalScript Box is our way of incorporating holistic healing  practices with traditional medicine guiding you to take your health, wellness and recovery into your own hands.

(2) One ounce Herbal Tincture

4 oz Elixir 

4 oz Herbal Tea Blend

+ tea bags

CBD Product

What's Included

Herbal tinctures and tea blends that support brain and memory, focus, gut health, & skin health. Treat with herbs to combat depressive moods & anxious feelings and thoughts, relieve minor pain, and more.
HerbalScript products included in your box are available for purchase separately in the apothecary. 

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