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HerbalScript Monthly Subscription Box

Ancient herbs, revered for their therapeutic properties, seamlessly weave into the treatment landscape, offering holistic support for both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. From adaptogenic herbs that help modulate stress responses to soothing botanicals that aid in detoxification, the herbal component adds a nuanced layer to the recovery journey.
Our vision is to make it simple and easy for people who want to incorporate herbal medicine on their path to recovery. HerbalScript Box provides you with the knowledge and foundation to take your wellness into your own hands. Start working on your long-term sobriety with HerbalScript, each month is always going to be a little bit of a surprise to promote self-care; we supply the education needed to grow into the best you. 
Each monthly box includes a 4-oz tea blend, 1-oz herbal tincture, 2-oz herbal elixir, recovery herbalism education material, positive affirmations, and recovery worksheets with tools to practice throughout the month.  

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