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Dr. Denine Polen, DNP
Clinical Herbalist 

Creator of HerbalScript & The Virtual Recovery Program 

HerbalScript Apothecary is a collection of the many ideas and products developed over the last decade. After moving to the Catskill Mountains in 2013, I began to garden, tincture herbs, create tea blends, develop salves, and formulate herbal medicines. In 2016, The Virtual Recovery Program and HerbalScript Apothecary was opened for patient care.

I am a clinical herbalist who uses herbal medicine, nutrients, and lifestyle modifications to help you find a path towards wellness. I believe that herbal medicine is a powerful healing tool that can be used to address a variety of ailments, from minor imbalances to chronic conditions, and with minimal side effects. I integrate the principles of modern and traditional medicine to offer a unique approach to wellness. I am here to help you bring your body's systems back into balance, boost your overall well-being and remind you how incredible it is to feel your best.


DeSales University DNP

New York University BSN

Pace University FNP

Stony Brook University CNM

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine- Medicine Making

Maryland University of Integrative Health- Herbal Medicine 

Our Staff

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