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Adaptogen: Herbs that improve the ability of the body to adapt to stress. They promote well-being, balance and health. Adaptogens help regulate or normalize organ and system function on a broad basis.

Astringent: Herbs that contract tissues, make them denser and firmer, and regulate body secretions. Astringents herbs tighten and tone the body.

Carminative: The volatile oils in carminative plants support digestion and help prevent gas.

Energetic: Energetics of plants, conditions, and people are often thought of as qualities or properties and may be referred to in terms of temperature, moisture, and tension; energetic descriptors include warm, dry, cool, moist, tense, and relaxed.

Expectorant: Herbs that loosen mucus so it can coughed up and expelled.

Nervine: Herbs that specifically benefit the nervous system. Actions can vary: Some stimulate, some relax, some tone and strengthen.

Tincture: An extract of a plant made by soaking herbs in a dark place with a desired amount of either glycerine, alcohol or vinegar for two to six weeks. The liquid is strained from the plant material and then the herbal tincture that is left is what is used.


Tonic: Herbs that stimulate, energize and strengthen the body.

Kapha Dosha: Deals with the body's structure and lubrication. It is responsible for weight, growth, blood, fat, muscles, bone, marrow, reproductive tissues, and the lubrication of joints and lungs. Those with Kapha dominance are usually of heavy build, well-proportioned, with clear skin thats moist and cool. They are usually energetic, enjoy deep sleep, have great endurance and good appetites. 

Vata Dosha: Responsible for movement in the body. This quality regulates blood flow, breathing, waste disposal, and quickness of mind. Pitta and Kapha are are dependent on Vata, for without it, they cannot function. Those with an imbalance of this trait generally have dry, thin, and/or rough skin. They also tend to be underweight, have low energy levels, and get tired easily.

Pitta Dosha:  Controls the body's heat and metabolism, making it responsible for digestion, reflexes, mental acuity, emotional stability, and aggression. Pitta also governs the eyes, the skin, the assimilation of nutrients, and the maintenance of tissues. Those with predominance of Pitta tend to have premature grey or thinning hair, ruddy skin thats very sensitive and prone to itching, rashes or eruptions. 

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